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     DragonPencil 2006 Award Winner

                                 Silver Medal for Literature

                                  Awarded for Superior Writing

Wuffy the Wonder Dog, the "one and only" Wuffy in the entire world, is a puppy of many talents. Wuffy paints (not very well) and writes songs (in Wuffanese, of course), but he is most proud of his operatic voice and his bushy tail, both of which often get him into trouble.

            Wuffy’s best friend—whenever she allows it—is a "well-educated" cat named Elizabeth, who doesn't always value Wuffy or his talents. Wuffy’s mission in life is to become something—anything—for which she will appreciate him. Whether he is a scientist experimenting on chocolate, an actor playing the role of a gentle wolf, a doctor who cures sick little girls better than chicken soup, a hunter, a poet, or any of his other chosen vocations—Wuffy always has the best intentions and the noblest goals. Unfortunately, the outcome of his attempts to impress Elizabeth usually isn't quite what he expects.

            Though the road to wisdom is not a straight path for Wuffy the Wonder Dog, he learns many lessons along the way.  He also teaches his readers the power of friendship and forgiveness.

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