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Wuffy the Wonder Dog can become every child's best friend! The sweetness and simplicity of these stories holds a special appeal to young readers, while the adventures of this adorable puppy teach some valuable lessons.

Wuffy is unique, the "one and only". He has many talents, a healthy curiosity for life and places a high value on friendship. Each short story is fast-paced and filled with a delightful combination of creativity and common sense. The vocabulary is controlled, which makes the book perfect for both early readers as well as a younger audience who may prefer to have it read aloud. Lively dialogue and engaging adventures fill these pages and cause this playful puppy to dash into the minds of children. Cute illustrations add another dimension to these tales and will cause a few smiles.

The author obviously knows this age group and has created characters with lovable traits and caring hearts. Wuffy's best friend is a cat named Elizabeth. He seems to stumble over himself in an effort to get her to appreciate him, only to realize that friendship is more than impressing the other person. There are subtle lessons about life and growing up in this book, yet it's more of a quiet whisper among the giggles. Wuffy comes alongside the reader to share his adventures and thoughts, but never acts in a condescending way to his audience.

Friendship and forgiveness are the main themes, and the author gently connects the events in Wuffy's life to those of his readers In that magical connection that comes from reading a book, children will find themselves loving Wuffy and listening to him. And that will certainly cause his big bushy tail to wag!

           Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews,

Pet lovers and children alike will chuckle as they read these amusing stories. You can almost hear Wuffy singing and Elizabeth talking as they take an ordinary day and turn it into a romp of the most laughable kind. ... The chapters are manageable for beginning readers or for reading by parents or teachers. Each story contains one mischievous adventure after another. At the same time the tales are about understanding and forgiving as the pets learn to respect each other’s differences and live side by side. A great book!

           Nancy Flinn Ludwin, Review-Books,

Wuffy is an exuberant puppy living in a household made up of Dad, Mom, Irene (a second grader), and his best friend Elizabeth the cat. Each of the short chapters is a moralistic tale of interchanges between Elizabeth and Wuffy. Humorously told, each chapter ends with the repeated refrain: "One cannot ruin a friendship because of a little silliness, right? One has to be mature. And Wuffy was very mature." One of Wuffy's shortcomings, according to Elizabeth, is his huge ego—he thinks he has the bushiest tail, the biggest eyes, and the longest ears "in the whole entire world." The "mature" part of the refrain quote may stimulate discussion as to whether or not all of Wuffy's actions and reactions are, indeed, "very mature" or not. The last chapter ends with "and Wuffy was getting to be very mature." The possibility of growth through experience and example is an important part of these tales. This is not an early reader as the amount of text (seventy pages) would challenge the younger end of the suggested range, but perhaps it will serve to stretch attention spans of the younger listeners. Such character building issues as forgiveness, compassion, cooperation, responsibility, and proper behavior are part and parcel of this title.

          Children's Literature,

I caught myself smiling while reading it, and, when I turned the last page, I couldn't stop smiling. Now, I am a grumpy 50-plus house frau, and it's been quite a while since that happened to me. Playful, mischievous, endearing, and 'very mature,' Wuffy the Dog struck me, first and foremost, as Wuffy the Friend, Wuffy the Philosopher, Wuffy the Soul mate.

This little book belongs on the PHILIP WARD'S A LIFETIME'S READING for children and parents of all ages.

           Sarah Azarnova, Midwest Book Review,

Morgan's stories are charming and funny.

           Janie Franz, Myshelf,

Children will love Wuffy, the opera singing Wuffanese speaking pup, who, even though his heart is in the right place, is always getting into trouble! 

          Robyn A. Larochelle, The Savvy Click's Children's & YA Book Review,

"Wuffy the Wonder Dog" is a fantastic story book for children of all ages. Children will love reading/hearing of his playful misadventures. Parents will appreciate the lessons of self-love, loyalty, friendship, and family.

           Jennifer LB Leese, Managing Editor, Picket News,

The children enjoyed your book very much. We even invited kindergarten in to hear some of the stories, since we were enjoying them so much.

           First Grade Class, Queen of Peace School, Shamokin

Wuffy the Wonder Dog will wag himself into your heart.  His curiosity and capers will keep you turning the pages and begging for more.  This special book is a pet-lover's dream.

           Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency,

Wuffy the Wonder Dog is a collection of short stories featuring Wuffy and his best friend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a well-educated and sophisticated cat, and Wuffy never stops trying to impress her with his many talents. Wuffy always means well, but he gets into more scrapes than any dog I've ever met. In one story, he is a scientist experimenting on chocolate. In another, he's a doctor who cures sick little girls better than chicken soup. Each story has another unique situation exploring the many facets of this adorable but somewhat arrogant little dog. This is a wonderful read-aloud book for all ages, or a read-alone book for elementary readers. The gorgeous illustrations compliment the well-written story. I can highly recommend this book to any and all.

           Sandy Tritt, writer, editor and speaker,

I love this arrogant little puppy! He’s so full of himself, and that’s what makes him such a great lead character. He makes me laugh, and more importantly, he’ll make children laugh. I’m sure by the time they’ve read all the tales about Wuffy, they’ll feel like they and Wuffy are good pals—I do! Wuffy and his antics have definitely wormed their way into my heart. I like how you’ve got a compilation of several stories in one book. These will make great bed-time stories, but can also be used for classroom reading.

           Sandi Rog, children's author ,

A charming, witty and touching book that never insults its young readers' intelligence. It is certain to delight children and parents alike. I look forward to the next installment in what I hope will be a series of books about the loveable, good-natured and clever Wuffy, the dog with a heart of gold. More, please!

           Reader, Amazon,

The story is so full of fun and the pictures are so lively that your child is guaranteed to love this book. You don't need to own a dog to love Wuffy.

           Reader, Barnes & Noble,

Exciting and delightfully infectious, this book is as suitable for kids as it is for their parents, and holds particular rewards for those fortunate enough to have their own Wuffy at home. Before you know it, your whole family may become addicted to this polymath pooch. Each chapter will leave you longing for the next one.

           Reader, Amazon,

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